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State Load Despatch Center, Delhi
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   Delhi Transco Limited is the State Transmission Utility responsible for augmenting and maintaing existing Transmission System consisting of 220kV and 400kV

sub-stations and Transmission Lines Network, efficiently and effectively in the National Capital Territory of Delhi. DTL also takes care of Power needs of Delhi by

arranging power on  short term and long term basis. After the enactment of Electricity Act 2003, a new department under the name and style of State Load Desp-

atch Center (SLDC) under Delhi Transco Limited was created, as an Apex Body to ensure integrated operation of the power system in Delhi. SLDC Delhi started

its function on the First of January 2004. SLDC is responsible for the real time Load Despatch function, O&M of SCADA System and Energy Accounting. 


 Major Functions & Services of SLDC (State Load Despatch Center)


To ensure integrated operation of the power system.
To give directions and exercise supervision and control which is required for integrated operation to achieve maximum economy and efficiency in power system operation.
Scheduling and Re-Scheduling of available resources for optimum and economic operation of the power system.
To coordinate shutdowns for the Generating Units and Sub-station equipment, including transmission lines taking into  consideration Continuity of Supply.
System Restoration in a systematic manner in shortest possible duration, following Grid Disturbances.
Accounting of Energy handled by the State System.
Compiling & Furnishing data pertaining to Power System Operation.
System Operation, ABT Scheduling & Energy Accounting.
SCADA System Operation & Maintenance.

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