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                                                                                                                                       Current Grid Availability

    Updated on: 21-Jan-2022 05:07:44

Grid/Transformer/Capacity(MVA)MWMVARVoltage 220KVVoltage 66KV
Najafgarh-220/66KV 100MVA T417-223468
Masjid Moth-220/33KV 100MVA T116023334
Masjid Moth-220/33KV 100MVA T216023334
Masjid Moth-220/33KV 100MVA T325223334
DIAL-220/66KV 160MVA T112-52360
DIAL-220/66KV 160MVA T211-52360
Ridge Valley-220/66KV 160MVA T122222340
Ridge Valley-220/66KV 160MVA T22222340
Mundka-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-155-472320
Mundka-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-2002320
Mundka-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-356602320
Mundka-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-4002320
Mundka-220/66KV 160MVA T217-112320
Mundka-220/66KV 160MVA T317-112320
Harsh Vihar-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-123-2223369
Harsh Vihar-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-223-2323369
Harsh Vihar-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-323-2323369
Harsh Vihar-220/66KV 160MVA T122-923369
Harsh Vihar-220/66KV 160MVA T212-923369
Harsh Vihar-220/66KV 160MVA T311-923369
Trauma centre-220/33KV 100MVA T12002340
Trauma centre-220/33KV 100MVA T21502340
HCM Lane-220/33KV 100MVA T1632341
HCM Lane-220/33KV 100MVA T2622341
Rohini-II-220/66KV 160MVA T1214967
Rohini-II-220/66KV 160MVA T2210967
Wazirpur-220/33KV 100MVA T114890
Wazirpur-220/33KV 100MVA T21412330
Peera Garhi-220/33KV 100MVA T10023234
Peera Garhi-220/33KV 100MVA T216-523234
Peera Garhi-220/33KV 100MVA T316023234
Maharanibagh -400/220KV 315MVA ICT-148-292330
Maharanibagh -400/220KV 315MVA ICT-249-292330
Maharanibagh -400/220KV 500MVA ICT-372-532330
Maharanibagh -400/220KV 500MVA ICT-473-552330
Preet Vihar-220/33KV 100MVA T125-623234
Preet Vihar-220/33KV 100MVA T20023234
Papankalan-3-220/66KV 160MVA T10-1723870
Papankalan-3-220/66KV 160MVA T215-1223870
Papankalan-3-220/66KV 160MVA T30023870
Rkpuram-220/66KV 160MVA T14-823467
Rkpuram-220/66KV 160MVA T25-423467
Rkpuram-220/33KV 100MVA T-I4-123434
Rkpuram-220/33KV 100MVA T-II4-123434
Tuglakabad-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-155-4923368
Tuglakabad-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-255-4923368
Tuglakabad-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-355-4923368
Tuglakabad-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-455-4923368
Tuglakabad-220/66KV 160MVA T-119-423368
Tuglakabad-220/66KV 160MVA T-219-423368
SGT Nagar-220/66KV 160MVA T-I22-723366
SGT Nagar-220/66KV 160MVA T-II16-1022866
SGT Nagar-220/66KV 160MVA T-III0022866
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-171-402260
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-2002260
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-365-382260
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-471-402260
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-568-392260
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-668392260
Bawana-220/66KV 100MVA T131-622668
Bamnauli-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-167-252380
Bamnauli-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-297-40500
Bamnauli-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-3102-412380
Bamnauli-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-472-52380
Mandaula-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-191-362300
Mandaula-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-291-352300
Mandaula-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-391-352300
Mandaula-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-491-352300
Kanjhawla-220/66KV 100MVA T115-723240
Kanjhawla-220/66KV 100MVA T214-923240
Kanjhawla-220/66KV 160MVA T324-1023240
Rohini1-220/66KV 100MVA T10023268
Rohini1-220/66KV 100MVA T217-1323268
Rohini1-220/66KV 100MVA T317-523268
Rohini1-220/66KV 100MVA T4161623268
Narela-220/66KV 100MVA T118-423664
Narela-220/66KV 100MVA T220723664
Narela-220/66KV 100MVA T311-623664
Shalimar Bagh-220/33KV 100MVA T121-62380
Shalimar Bagh-220/66KV 100MVA T2002380
Shalimar Bagh-220/33KV 100MVA T31522380
Shalimar Bagh-220/66KV 100MVA T418-82380
GopalPur-220/33KV 100MVA T119023167
GopalPur-220/66KV 100MVA T22-623867
GopalPur-220/33KV 100MVA T314023167
GopalPur-220/66KV 160MVA T428-1323867
Sabzi Mandi-220/33KV 100MVA T1 19-123134
Sabzi Mandi-220/33KV 100MVA T217423134
Wazirabad-220/66KV 100MVA T111-323467
Wazirabad-220/66KV 100MVA T210-323467
Wazirabad-220/66KV 100MVA T310-123467
Wazirabad-220/66KV 160MVA T432-523467
Kashmiri Gate-220/33kv 100MVA T111023035
Kashmiri Gate-220/33kv 100MVA T24-123035
Geeta Colony-220/33KV 100MVA T19-123134
Geeta Colony-220/33KV 100MVA T28-423134
Gazipur-220/66KV 100MVA T117622740
Gazipur-220/66KV 160MVA T210622740
Gazipur-220/66KV 160MVA T317-622740
IP Power-220/33KV 100MVA T124-52300
IP Power-220/33KV 100MVA T26-52300
IP Power-220/33KV 100MVA T327-12300
Pragati-220/66KV 160MVA T1-10-1623558
Pragati-220/66KV 160MVA T2-16-1623558
Rajghat-220 /33 KV T18000
Rajghat-220 /33 KV T24000
Lodhi Rd-220/33KV 100MVA T121-12330
Lodhi Rd-220/33KV 100MVA T213-12330
Lodhi Rd-220/33KV 100MVA T3002330
Park Street-220/66KV 100MVA T117-1023271
Park Street-220/66KV 100MVA T212-823271
Park Street-220/33KV 100MVA T310-223271
Park Street-220/33KV 100MVA T414-123271
Patparganj-220/66KV 100MVA T111-423571
Patparganj-220/66KV 100MVA T211-423571
Patparganj-220/33KV 100MVA T39-123571
Patparganj-220/33KV 100MVA T58-123571
Patparganj-220/33KV 100MVA T68-123571
Sarita Vihar-220/66KV 160MVA T113-621468
Sarita Vihar-220/66KV 100MVA T27-821468
Sarita Vihar-220/66KV 100MVA T38-721468
DSIDC-220/66KV 160MVA T132-1523469
DSIDC-220/66KV 100MVA T221-723469
DSIDC-220/66KV 100MVA T38-1123469
DSIDC-220/66KV 160MVA T412-1423469
Papankalan-1-220/66KV 100MVA T113-323669
Papankalan-1-220/66KV 100MVA T214-323669
Papankalan-1-220/66KV 160MVA T323023669
Papankalan-1-220/66KV 100MVA T414023669
Papankalan-1-220/66KV 160MVA T522-323669
Papankalan-2 -220/66KV 100MVA T113-623671
Papankalan-2 -220/66KV 100MVA T210-223671
Papankalan-2 -220/66KV 160MVA T321-923671
Papankalan-2 -220/66KV 160MVA T417023671
Mehrauli-220/66KV 100MVA T1-1023967
Mehrauli-220/66KV 100MVA T20023967
Mehrauli-220/66KV 100MVA T3-1023967
Mehrauli-220/66KV 160MVA T4-2-323967
Naraina-220/33KV 100MVA T120-223734
Naraina-220/33KV 100MVA T219023734
Naraina-220/33KV 100MVA T319-123734
Okhla-220/66KV 160MVA T121-823367
Okhla-220/66KV 100MVA T22023367
Okhla-220/33KV 100MVA T310023367
Okhla-220/33KV 100MVA T411-123367
Okhla-220/33KV 100MVA T514-123367
Vasant Kunj-220/66KV 100MVA T128-623068
Vasant Kunj-220/66KV 100MVA T228-623068
Vasant Kunj-220/66KV 160MVA T344-323068
Najafgarh-220/66KV 100MVA T121-123468
Najafgarh-220/66KV 160MVA T230023468
Najafgarh-220/66KV 160MVA T333123468

Note:-The real time data shown on this site is only for monitoring purpose and have no commercial impact. Data may become some time bad due to

             communication link failure as data is coming to the SLDC via different communication links .

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