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                                                                                                                                       Current Grid Availability

    Updated on: 20-Jul-2018 00:44:26

Grid/Transformer/Capacity(MVA)MWMVARVoltage 220KVVoltage 66KV
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-117702130
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-2114-62130
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-317142130
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-4113-92130
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-5144-132130
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-6144122130
Bawana-220/66KV 100MVA T162122130
Bamnauli-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-1227-32250
Bamnauli-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-2340-400
Bamnauli-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-3339-92250
Bamnauli-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-4222-72250
Mandaula-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-1259492220
Mandaula-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-2259412220
Mandaula-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-3256442220
Mandaula-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-4262382220
Kanjhawla-220/66KV 100MVA T172122167
Kanjhawla-220/66KV 100MVA T268-122167
Rohini1-220/66KV 100MVA T163121966
Rohini1-220/66KV 100MVA T264021966
Rohini1-220/66KV 100MVA T378421966
Rohini1-220/66KV 100MVA T4696921966
Narela-220/66KV 100MVA T149-122167
Narela-220/66KV 100MVA T256322167
Narela-220/66KV 100MVA T333-422167
Shalimar Bagh-220/33KV 100MVA T165372180
Shalimar Bagh-220/66KV 100MVA T25812180
Shalimar Bagh-220/33KV 100MVA T36412180
GopalPur-220/33KV 100MVA T1501122365
GopalPur-220/66KV 100MVA T263-521865
GopalPur-220/33KV 100MVA T342921865
Sabzi Mandi-220/33KV 100MVA T1 67-3300
Sabzi Mandi-220/33KV 100MVA T258100
Wazirabad-220/66KV 100MVA T1681622063
Wazirabad-220/66KV 100MVA T2671422063
Wazirabad-220/66KV 100MVA T3681622063
Wazirabad-220/66KV 160MVA T41112722063
Kashmiri Gate-220/33kv 100MVA T133-32210
Kashmiri Gate-220/33kv 100MVA T21742210
Geeta Colony-220/33KV 100MVA T162112200
Geeta Colony-220/33KV 100MVA T24522220
Gazipur-220/66KV 100MVA T140-921966
Gazipur-220/66KV 100MVA T240321966
Gazipur-220/66KV 160MVA T387321966
IP Power-220/33KV 100MVA T13932130
IP Power-220/33KV 100MVA T24032130
IP Power-220/33KV 100MVA T36672130
Pragati-220/66KV 160MVA T1-38-621962
Pragati-220/66KV 160MVA T2-6-621962
Rajghat-220 /33 KV T136000
Rajghat-220 /33 KV T238000
Lodhi Rd-220/33KV 100MVA T163152220
Lodhi Rd-220/33KV 100MVA T2002220
Lodhi Rd-220/33KV 100MVA T34182220
Park Street-220/66KV 100MVA T148522267
Park Street-220/66KV 100MVA T244022267
Park Street-220/33KV 100MVA T348-122267
Park Street-220/33KV 100MVA T441022267
Patparganj-220/66KV 100MVA T153-921967
Patparganj-220/66KV 100MVA T237121967
Patparganj-220/33KV 100MVA T330121967
Patparganj-220/33KV 100MVA T544321967
Patparganj-220/33KV 100MVA T631321967
Sarita Vihar-220/66KV 100MVA T165822762
Sarita Vihar-220/66KV 100MVA T248322762
Sarita Vihar-220/66KV 100MVA T3691022762
DSIDC-220/66KV 160MVA T158-221567
DSIDC-220/66KV 100MVA T230-621567
DSIDC-220/66KV 100MVA T329-921567
Papankalan-1-220/66KV 100MVA T10021666
Papankalan-1-220/66KV 100MVA T273-3921666
Papankalan-1-220/66KV 160MVA T31172021666
Papankalan-1-220/66KV 100MVA T466821666
Papankalan-1-220/66KV 160MVA T5981021666
Papankalan-2 -220/66KV 100MVA T122-122366
Papankalan-2 -220/66KV 100MVA T257-722366
Papankalan-2 -220/66KV 160MVA T392422366
Papankalan-2 -220/66KV 160MVA T436022366
Mehrauli-220/66KV 100MVA T143122165
Mehrauli-220/66KV 100MVA T266622165
Mehrauli-220/66KV 100MVA T344122165
Mehrauli-220/66KV 160MVA T41021722165
Naraina-220/33KV 100MVA T1002210
Naraina-220/33KV 100MVA T27272210
Naraina-220/33KV 100MVA T35992210
Okhla-220/33KV 100MVA T230122066
Okhla-220/33KV 100MVA T349522066
Okhla-220/66KV 100MVA T469822066
Okhla-220/66KV 100MVA T576922066
Okhla-220/33KV 100MVA T654522066
Vasant Kunj-220/66KV 100MVA T170-1822667
Vasant Kunj-220/66KV 100MVA T244-1122667
Vasant Kunj-220/66KV 160MVA T30122667
Najafgarh-220/66KV 100MVA T181-521766
Najafgarh-220/66KV 100MVA T275-321766
Najafgarh-220/66KV 100MVA T381-521766
Najafgarh-220/66KV 100MVA T476-921766
Masjid Moth-220/33KV 100MVA T15122220
Masjid Moth-220/33KV 100MVA T25132220
Masjid Moth-220/33KV 100MVA T34032220
DIAL-220/66KV 160MVA T11012260
DIAL-220/66KV 160MVA T21012260
Ridge Valley-220/66KV 160MVA T159592220
Ridge Valley-220/66KV 160MVA T25962220
Mundka-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-2194-2321967
Mundka-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-3189-2821967
Mundka-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-4189-2121967
Mundka-220/66KV 160MVA T248-1421967
Mundka-220/66KV 160MVA T348-1421967
Harsh Vihar-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-176-1722768
Harsh Vihar-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-276-1722768
Harsh Vihar-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-376-1722768
Harsh Vihar-220/66KV 160MVA T148622768
Harsh Vihar-220/66KV 160MVA T254522768
Harsh Vihar-220/66KV 160MVA T354522768
Trauma centre-220/33KV 100MVA T13652220
Trauma centre-220/33KV 100MVA T23652220
HCM Lane-220/33KV 100MVA T1942230
HCM Lane-220/33KV 100MVA T21142230
Rohini-II-220/66KV 160MVA T139-1065
Rohini-II-220/66KV 160MVA T2390065
Wazirpur-220/33KV 100MVA T165000
Wazirpur-220/33KV 100MVA T249-900
Peera Garhi-220/33KV 100MVA T1771422333
Peera Garhi-220/33KV 100MVA T265922333
Peera Garhi-220/33KV 100MVA T365922333
Maharanibagh -400/220KV 315MVA ICT-1172-132220
Maharanibagh -400/220KV 315MVA ICT-2173-402220
Maharanibagh -400/220KV 500MVA ICT-3259-282220
Maharanibagh -400/220KV 500MVA ICT-4258-302220
Preet Vihar-220/33KV 100MVA T13642250
Preet Vihar-220/33KV 100MVA T23642250
Papankalan-3-220/66KV 160MVA T1002200
Papankalan-3-220/66KV 160MVA T25862200
Papankalan-3-220/66KV 160MVA T3002200
Rkpuram-220/66KV 160MVA T12-112210
Rkpuram-220/66KV 160MVA T2002210
Rkpuram-220/33KV 100MVA T-I002210
Rkpuram-220/33KV 100MVA T-II002210

Note:-The real time data shown on this site is only for monitoring purpose and have no commercial impact. Data may become some time bad due to

             communication link failure as data is coming to the SLDC via different communication links .

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