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                                                                                                                                       Current Grid Availability

    Updated on: 18-Jul-2024 20:17:42

Grid/Transformer/Capacity(MVA)MWMVARVoltage 220KVVoltage 66KV
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-1180-72170
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-2155-252170
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-3177172170
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-4185-52170
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-5177-52170
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-617752170
Bawana-220/66KV 100MVA T141021764
Bamnauli-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-1002230
Bamnauli-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-29215500
Bamnauli-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-394152230
Bamnauli-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-467-12230
Mandaula-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-1296172200
Mandaula-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-2295172200
Mandaula-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-3296172200
Mandaula-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-4296172200
Kanjhawla-220/66KV 100MVA T144722061
Kanjhawla-220/66KV 100MVA T242522061
Kanjhawla-220/66KV 160MVA T391822061
Rohini1-220/66KV 100MVA T137320966
Rohini1-220/66KV 100MVA T238320966
Rohini1-220/66KV 100MVA T364520966
Rohini1-220/66KV 100MVA T457620966
Narela-220/66KV 100MVA T151-821962
Narela-220/66KV 100MVA T256-121962
Narela-220/66KV 100MVA T333021962
Shalimar Bagh-220/33KV 100MVA T15012230
Shalimar Bagh-220/66KV 100MVA T24602230
Shalimar Bagh-220/33KV 100MVA T35612230
Shalimar Bagh-220/66KV 100MVA T4002230
GopalPur-220/33KV 100MVA T144322066
GopalPur-220/66KV 100MVA T240-522366
GopalPur-220/33KV 100MVA T345022066
GopalPur-220/66KV 160MVA T451322366
Sabzi Mandi-220/33KV 100MVA T1 52621933
Sabzi Mandi-220/33KV 100MVA T229-121933
Wazirabad-220/66KV 100MVA T159721662
Wazirabad-220/66KV 100MVA T258621662
Wazirabad-220/66KV 100MVA T355821662
Wazirabad-220/66KV 160MVA T4811221662
Kashmiri Gate-220/33kv 100MVA T138-522034
Kashmiri Gate-220/33kv 100MVA T220-722034
Geeta Colony-220/33KV 100MVA T167021833
Geeta Colony-220/33KV 100MVA T248222133
Gazipur-220/66KV 100MVA T150122068
Gazipur-220/66KV 160MVA T229-122068
Gazipur-220/66KV 160MVA T355622068
IP Power-220/33KV 100MVA T148-212090
IP Power-220/33KV 100MVA T2002090
IP Power-220/33KV 100MVA T36612090
Pragati-220/66KV 160MVA T136-322758
Pragati-220/66KV 160MVA T2-3-222758
Rajghat-220 /33 KV T146000
Rajghat-220 /33 KV T245000
Lodhi Rd-220/33KV 100MVA T134023032
Lodhi Rd-220/33KV 100MVA T234023032
Lodhi Rd-220/33KV 100MVA T334-223032
Park Street-220/66KV 100MVA T140-1022670
Park Street-220/66KV 100MVA T236-422670
Park Street-220/33KV 100MVA T349522670
Park Street-220/33KV 100MVA T450-822670
Patparganj-220/66KV 100MVA T150222366
Patparganj-220/66KV 100MVA T250222366
Patparganj-220/33KV 100MVA T357322333
Patparganj-220/33KV 100MVA T553222333
Patparganj-220/33KV 100MVA T60022333
Sarita Vihar-220/66KV 160MVA T1841022863
Sarita Vihar-220/66KV 100MVA T239322863
Sarita Vihar-220/66KV 100MVA T343422863
DSIDC-220/66KV 160MVA T140-922264
DSIDC-220/66KV 100MVA T227-322264
DSIDC-220/66KV 100MVA T336-722264
DSIDC-220/66KV 160MVA T454-822264
Papankalan-1-220/66KV 100MVA T146421665
Papankalan-1-220/66KV 100MVA T247421665
Papankalan-1-220/66KV 160MVA T31001921665
Papankalan-1-220/66KV 100MVA T40021665
Papankalan-1-220/66KV 160MVA T5981621665
Papankalan-2 -220/66KV 100MVA T162221966
Papankalan-2 -220/66KV 100MVA T248721966
Papankalan-2 -220/66KV 160MVA T4781421966
Mehrauli-220/66KV 100MVA T157-1622167
Mehrauli-220/66KV 100MVA T257-1422167
Mehrauli-220/66KV 100MVA T357-122167
Naraina-220/33KV 100MVA T154522132
Naraina-220/33KV 100MVA T239-122132
Naraina-220/33KV 100MVA T340-122132
Okhla-220/66KV 160MVA T1741121957
Okhla-220/66KV 100MVA T2501121957
Okhla-220/33KV 100MVA T326-221957
Okhla-220/33KV 100MVA T426-221957
Okhla-220/33KV 100MVA T5431021957
Vasant Kunj-220/66KV 100MVA T136622665
Vasant Kunj-220/66KV 100MVA T237-222665
Vasant Kunj-220/66KV 160MVA T366122665
Najafgarh-220/66KV 100MVA T1491122165
Najafgarh-220/66KV 160MVA T2872722165
Najafgarh-220/66KV 160MVA T3781922165
Najafgarh-220/66KV 100MVA T445922165
Masjid Moth-220/33KV 100MVA T142521832
Masjid Moth-220/33KV 100MVA T242521832
Masjid Moth-220/33KV 100MVA T3591421832
DIAL-220/66KV 160MVA T129-12180
DIAL-220/66KV 160MVA T228-22180
Ridge Valley-220/66KV 160MVA T1767600
Ridge Valley-220/66KV 160MVA T20000
Mundka-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-1108-12240
Mundka-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-2002240
Mundka-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-3108232240
Mundka-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-4108-242240
Mundka-220/66KV 160MVA T28242240
Mundka-220/66KV 160MVA T38142240
Harsh Vihar-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-1120022365
Harsh Vihar-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-2181-222365
Harsh Vihar-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-3182-222365
Harsh Vihar-220/66KV 160MVA T173-1022365
Harsh Vihar-220/66KV 160MVA T239-822365
Harsh Vihar-220/66KV 160MVA T339-822365
Harsh Vihar-50MVar Bus Reactor-I0402230
Harsh Vihar-50MVar Bus Reactor-II0402230
Trauma centre-220/33KV 100MVA T14132280
Trauma centre-220/33KV 100MVA T24132280
HCM Lane-220/33KV 100MVA T12332290
HCM Lane-220/33KV 100MVA T22152290
Rohini-II-220/66KV 160MVA T157-1122666
Rohini-II-220/66KV 160MVA T257022666
Wazirpur-220/33KV 100MVA T159-92270
Wazirpur-220/33KV 100MVA T255-22270
Peera Garhi-220/33KV 100MVA T159922433
Peera Garhi-220/33KV 100MVA T259122433
Peera Garhi-220/33KV 100MVA T359122433
Maharanibagh -400/220KV 315MVA ICT-1148-442260
Maharanibagh -400/220KV 315MVA ICT-2149-442260
Maharanibagh -400/220KV 500MVA ICT-3224-752260
Maharanibagh -400/220KV 500MVA ICT-4235-772260
Preet Vihar-220/33KV 100MVA T151-222133
Preet Vihar-220/33KV 100MVA T251-222133
Papankalan-3-220/66KV 160MVA T189-1321967
Papankalan-3-220/66KV 160MVA T274-621967
Papankalan-3-220/66KV 160MVA T30021967
Rkpuram-220/66KV 160MVA T132-522765
Rkpuram-220/66KV 160MVA T232-222766
Rkpuram-220/33KV 100MVA T-I26322733
Rkpuram-220/33KV 100MVA T-II27322733
Tuglakabad-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-1222021965
Tuglakabad-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-2222021965
Tuglakabad-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-3227-1521965
Tuglakabad-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-4221021965
Tuglakabad-220/66KV 160MVA T-120-921965
Tuglakabad-220/66KV 160MVA T-220-921965
SGT Nagar-220/66KV 160MVA T-I891122263
SGT Nagar-220/66KV 160MVA T-II76522063
SGT Nagar-220/66KV 160MVA T-III0022063
Dwarka-400/220KV ICT-1219132190
Dwarka-400/220KV ICT-2221142190
Dwarka-400/220KV ICT-3221132190
Dwarka-400/220KV ICT-422062190
DEV NAGAR-220/33KV 100MVA T-III1802280
DEV NAGAR-220/33KV 100MVA T-IV3482280
Mehrauli-220/66KV 160MVA T4885022167
Papankalan-2 -220/66KV 160MVA T3104521966
TIMARPUR -220/33KV T31000

Note:-The real time data shown on this site is only for monitoring purpose and have no commercial impact. Data may become some time bad due to

             communication link failure as data is coming to the SLDC via different communication links .

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