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                                                                                                                                       Current Grid Availability

    Updated on: 25-Sep-2017 08:08:54

Grid/Transformer/Capacity(MVA)MWMVARVoltage 220KVVoltage 66KV
Ridge Valley-220/66KV 160MVA T121210231
Ridge Valley-220/66KV 160MVA T24370231
Mundka-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-269-3570232
Mundka-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-369-4270232
Mundka-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-468-3470232
Mundka-220/66KV 160MVA T227070232
Mundka-220/66KV 160MVA T327070232
Harsh Vihar-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-177-2569232
Harsh Vihar-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-277-2469232
Harsh Vihar-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-376-2469232
Harsh Vihar-220/66KV 160MVA T1591269232
Harsh Vihar-220/66KV 160MVA T224569232
Harsh Vihar-220/66KV 160MVA T324569232
Trauma centre-220/33KV 100MVA T134110232
Trauma centre-220/33KV 100MVA T234110232
HCM Lane-220/33KV 100MVA T11030232
HCM Lane-220/33KV 100MVA T21030232
Rohini-II-220/66KV 160MVA T136-568228
Rohini-II-220/66KV 160MVA T20068228
Wazirpur-220/33KV 100MVA T13780228
Wazirpur-220/33KV 100MVA T23640220
Peera Garhi-220/33KV 100MVA T238233224
Peera Garhi-220/33KV 100MVA T338233224
Maharanibagh -400/220KV 315MVA ICT-1145-320231
Maharanibagh -400/220KV 315MVA ICT-2000231
Maharanibagh -400/220KV 500MVA ICT-3222-580231
Maharanibagh -400/220KV 500MVA ICT-4218-600231
Preet Vihar-220/33KV 100MVA T1730231
Preet Vihar-220/33KV 100MVA T2730231
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-175-130225
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-278-100225
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-391-30225
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-489-40225
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-583-70225
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-683-130225
Bawana-220/66KV 100MVA T135-10225
Bamnauli-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-1155260231
Bamnauli-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-22313800
Bamnauli-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-3145190231
Bamnauli-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-416090231
Mandaula-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-1136440231
Mandaula-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-2203442220
Mandaula-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-3134380231
Mandaula-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-4135400231
Kanjhawla-220/66KV 100MVA T151569229
Kanjhawla-220/66KV 100MVA T247269229
Rohini1-220/66KV 100MVA T123069228
Rohini1-220/66KV 100MVA T224069228
Rohini1-220/66KV 100MVA T3451069228
Rohini1-220/66KV 100MVA T4404069228
Narela-220/66KV 100MVA T125469231
Narela-220/66KV 100MVA T229-269231
Narela-220/66KV 100MVA T316-169231
Shalimar Bagh-220/33KV 100MVA T137210228
Shalimar Bagh-220/66KV 100MVA T22230228
Shalimar Bagh-220/33KV 100MVA T33460228
GopalPur-220/33KV 100MVA T127668231
GopalPur-220/66KV 100MVA T244-368228
GopalPur-220/33KV 100MVA T327668228
Sabzi Mandi-220/33KV 100MVA T1 35-1400
Sabzi Mandi-220/33KV 100MVA T226100
Wazirabad-220/66KV 100MVA T132967233
Wazirabad-220/66KV 100MVA T232767233
Wazirabad-220/66KV 100MVA T331967233
Wazirabad-220/66KV 160MVA T4552067233
Kashmiri Gate-220/33kv 100MVA T11960229
Kashmiri Gate-220/33kv 100MVA T21600229
Geeta Colony-220/33KV 100MVA T13080229
Geeta Colony-220/33KV 100MVA T2710231
Gazipur-220/66KV 100MVA T125-368232
Gazipur-220/66KV 100MVA T2251168232
Gazipur-220/66KV 160MVA T344368232
IP Power-220/33KV 100MVA T12560222
IP Power-220/33KV 100MVA T22760222
IP Power-220/33KV 100MVA T32200222
Pragati-220/66KV 160MVA T1-1-664228
Pragati-220/66KV 160MVA T2-6-564228
Rajghat-220 /33 KV T145700
Rajghat-220 /33 KV T253900
Lodhi Rd-220/33KV 100MVA T172000
Lodhi Rd-220/33KV 100MVA T20-700
Lodhi Rd-220/33KV 100MVA T30000
Park Street-220/66KV 100MVA T131-1368230
Park Street-220/66KV 100MVA T231-668230
Park Street-220/33KV 100MVA T331568230
Park Street-220/33KV 100MVA T431968230
Patparganj-220/66KV 100MVA T130768232
Patparganj-220/66KV 100MVA T229768232
Patparganj-220/33KV 100MVA T331768232
Patparganj-220/33KV 100MVA T532968232
Patparganj-220/33KV 100MVA T632968232
Sarita Vihar-220/66KV 100MVA T13510237
Sarita Vihar-220/66KV 100MVA T250-20237
Sarita Vihar-220/66KV 100MVA T33620237
DSIDC-220/66KV 160MVA T144-1971222
DSIDC-220/66KV 100MVA T226171222
DSIDC-220/66KV 100MVA T325-271222
Papankalan1-220/66KV 100MVA T10068225
Papankalan1-220/66KV 100MVA T230-1868225
Papankalan1-220/66KV 160MVA T3521868225
Papankalan1-220/66KV 100MVA T431368225
Papankalan1-220/66KV 160MVA T543068225
Papankalan-II -220/66KV 100MVA T127069229
Papankalan-II -220/66KV 100MVA T230-269229
Papankalan-II -220/66KV 160MVA T342-169229
Papankalan-II -220/66KV 160MVA T4471369229
Mehrauli-220/66KV 100MVA T137965226
Mehrauli-220/66KV 100MVA T20065226
Mehrauli-220/66KV 100MVA T3381065226
Mehrauli-220/66KV 160MVA T4531865226
Naraina-220/33KV 100MVA T1000227
Naraina-220/33KV 100MVA T24070227
Naraina-220/33KV 100MVA T33670227
Okhla-220/33KV 100MVA T212-368231
Okhla-220/33KV 100MVA T322468231
Okhla-220/66KV 100MVA T4631568231
Okhla-220/66KV 100MVA T50068231
Okhla-220/33KV 100MVA T624468231
Vasant Kunj-220/66KV 100MVA T115-370238
Vasant Kunj-220/66KV 100MVA T217-370238
Vasant Kunj-220/66KV 160MVA T331-170238
Najafgarh-220/66KV 100MVA T1561467223
Najafgarh-220/66KV 100MVA T2-1-167223
Najafgarh-220/66KV 100MVA T3561567223
Najafgarh-220/66KV 100MVA T451467223
Masjid Moth-220/33KV 100MVA T12860232
Masjid Moth-220/33KV 100MVA T22870232
Masjid Moth-220/33KV 100MVA T33390232
DIAL-220/66KV 160MVA T114-10225
DIAL-220/66KV 160MVA T214-10225

Note:-The real time data shown on this site is only for monitoring purpose and have no commercial impact. Data may become some time bad due to

             communication link failure as data is coming to the SLDC via different communication links .

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