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                                                                                                                                       Current Grid Availability

    Updated on: 10-Dec-2023 07:14:28

Grid/Transformer/Capacity(MVA)MWMVARVoltage 220KVVoltage 66KV
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-186-332230
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-258-302230
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-3106-152230
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-489-332230
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-584-322230
Bawana-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-684312230
Bawana-220/66KV 100MVA T122-722366
Bamnauli-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-1002310
Bamnauli-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-288-8500
Bamnauli-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-388-92310
Bamnauli-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-460-12310
Mandaula-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-1128-72240
Mandaula-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-2128-72240
Mandaula-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-3127-72240
Mandaula-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-4128-72240
Kanjhawla-220/66KV 100MVA T123022460
Kanjhawla-220/66KV 100MVA T222-222460
Kanjhawla-220/66KV 160MVA T361-822460
Rohini1-220/66KV 100MVA T127-323067
Rohini1-220/66KV 100MVA T227-323067
Rohini1-220/66KV 100MVA T331-323067
Rohini1-220/66KV 100MVA T427-123067
Narela-220/66KV 100MVA T126-622563
Narela-220/66KV 100MVA T229822563
Narela-220/66KV 100MVA T317-622563
Shalimar Bagh-220/33KV 100MVA T120-32310
Shalimar Bagh-220/66KV 100MVA T217-32310
Shalimar Bagh-220/33KV 100MVA T33002310
Shalimar Bagh-220/66KV 100MVA T4002310
GopalPur-220/33KV 100MVA T139-422568
GopalPur-220/66KV 100MVA T215-623168
GopalPur-220/33KV 100MVA T30022568
GopalPur-220/66KV 160MVA T424-123168
Sabzi Mandi-220/33KV 100MVA T1 26022533
Sabzi Mandi-220/33KV 100MVA T218222533
Wazirabad-220/66KV 100MVA T130122564
Wazirabad-220/66KV 100MVA T229122564
Wazirabad-220/66KV 100MVA T328222564
Wazirabad-220/66KV 160MVA T444122564
Kashmiri Gate-220/33kv 100MVA T112022533
Kashmiri Gate-220/33kv 100MVA T211022533
Geeta Colony-220/33KV 100MVA T16022233
Geeta Colony-220/33KV 100MVA T228-122433
Gazipur-220/66KV 100MVA T112323067
Gazipur-220/66KV 160MVA T211423067
Gazipur-220/66KV 160MVA T368-323067
IP Power-220/33KV 100MVA T128-42210
IP Power-220/33KV 100MVA T227-42210
IP Power-220/33KV 100MVA T317-42210
Pragati-220/66KV 160MVA T1-8-1523058
Pragati-220/66KV 160MVA T2-15-1523058
Rajghat-220 /33 KV T13000
Rajghat-220 /33 KV T23000
Lodhi Rd-220/33KV 100MVA T114023032
Lodhi Rd-220/33KV 100MVA T214023032
Lodhi Rd-220/33KV 100MVA T314-223032
Park Street-220/66KV 100MVA T120-1322971
Park Street-220/66KV 100MVA T20022971
Park Street-220/33KV 100MVA T322-222971
Park Street-220/33KV 100MVA T410122971
Patparganj-220/66KV 100MVA T130122571
Patparganj-220/66KV 100MVA T230122571
Patparganj-220/33KV 100MVA T317122571
Patparganj-220/33KV 100MVA T515022571
Patparganj-220/33KV 100MVA T615022571
Sarita Vihar-220/66KV 160MVA T116-1323767
Sarita Vihar-220/66KV 100MVA T216-923767
Sarita Vihar-220/66KV 100MVA T317-923767
DSIDC-220/66KV 160MVA T110-1223167
DSIDC-220/66KV 100MVA T27-523167
DSIDC-220/66KV 100MVA T318-1023167
DSIDC-220/66KV 160MVA T427-1223167
Papankalan-1-220/66KV 100MVA T123-222868
Papankalan-1-220/66KV 100MVA T219-322868
Papankalan-1-220/66KV 160MVA T331022868
Papankalan-1-220/66KV 100MVA T40022868
Papankalan-1-220/66KV 160MVA T538-122868
Papankalan-2 -220/66KV 100MVA T117-622667
Papankalan-2 -220/66KV 100MVA T230022667
Papankalan-2 -220/66KV 160MVA T449122667
Mehrauli-220/66KV 100MVA T121-122167
Mehrauli-220/66KV 100MVA T221-122167
Mehrauli-220/66KV 100MVA T321122167
Naraina-220/33KV 100MVA T128-222533
Naraina-220/33KV 100MVA T226-222533
Naraina-220/33KV 100MVA T316022533
Okhla-220/66KV 160MVA T127022764
Okhla-220/66KV 100MVA T222222764
Okhla-220/33KV 100MVA T30022764
Okhla-220/33KV 100MVA T40022764
Okhla-220/33KV 100MVA T541022764
Vasant Kunj-220/66KV 100MVA T111222666
Vasant Kunj-220/66KV 100MVA T211-622666
Vasant Kunj-220/66KV 160MVA T328022666
Najafgarh-220/66KV 100MVA T122122766
Najafgarh-220/66KV 160MVA T232322766
Najafgarh-220/66KV 160MVA T335522766
Najafgarh-220/66KV 100MVA T419022766
Masjid Moth-220/33KV 100MVA T120122633
Masjid Moth-220/33KV 100MVA T220122633
Masjid Moth-220/33KV 100MVA T325222633
DIAL-220/66KV 160MVA T14-42280
DIAL-220/66KV 160MVA T224-22280
Ridge Valley-220/66KV 160MVA T132322270
Ridge Valley-220/66KV 160MVA T23262270
Mundka-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-155-62250
Mundka-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-2002250
Mundka-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-35582250
Mundka-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-455-92250
Mundka-220/66KV 160MVA T242-132250
Mundka-220/66KV 160MVA T342-142250
Harsh Vihar-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-180-2523067
Harsh Vihar-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-279-2423067
Harsh Vihar-400/220KV 315MVA ICT-379-2423067
Harsh Vihar-220/66KV 160MVA T126-123067
Harsh Vihar-220/66KV 160MVA T221-523067
Harsh Vihar-220/66KV 160MVA T320-523067
Harsh Vihar-50MVar Bus Reactor-I0432300
Harsh Vihar-50MVar Bus Reactor-II0432300
Trauma centre-220/33KV 100MVA T116-32360
Trauma centre-220/33KV 100MVA T216-32360
HCM Lane-220/33KV 100MVA T110322833
HCM Lane-220/33KV 100MVA T210322833
Rohini-II-220/66KV 160MVA T118-1123067
Rohini-II-220/66KV 160MVA T218023067
Wazirpur-220/33KV 100MVA T125-92310
Wazirpur-220/33KV 100MVA T214-22310
Peera Garhi-220/33KV 100MVA T126922433
Peera Garhi-220/33KV 100MVA T226122433
Peera Garhi-220/33KV 100MVA T326122433
Maharanibagh -400/220KV 315MVA ICT-152-512300
Maharanibagh -400/220KV 315MVA ICT-252-512300
Maharanibagh -400/220KV 500MVA ICT-376-852300
Maharanibagh -400/220KV 500MVA ICT-4002300
Preet Vihar-220/33KV 100MVA T121022934
Preet Vihar-220/33KV 100MVA T231022934
Papankalan-3-220/66KV 160MVA T141-922666
Papankalan-3-220/66KV 160MVA T229-1222666
Papankalan-3-220/66KV 160MVA T30022666
Rkpuram-220/66KV 160MVA T113-923066
Rkpuram-220/66KV 160MVA T213-523067
Rkpuram-220/33KV 100MVA T-I8023033
Rkpuram-220/33KV 100MVA T-II8023033
Tuglakabad-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-1101-5022865
Tuglakabad-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-2101-5022865
Tuglakabad-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-3102-5022865
Tuglakabad-400/220KV 500MVA ICT-4102-5022865
Tuglakabad-220/66KV 160MVA T-13-722865
Tuglakabad-220/66KV 160MVA T-23-722865
SGT Nagar-220/66KV 160MVA T-I31-523167
SGT Nagar-220/66KV 160MVA T-II28-923167
SGT Nagar-220/66KV 160MVA T-III0023167
Dwarka-400/220KV ICT-164-202240
Dwarka-400/220KV ICT-264-202240
Dwarka-400/220KV ICT-365-202240
Dwarka-400/220KV ICT-466-232240
DEV NAGAR-220/33KV 100MVA T-III1602270
DEV NAGAR-220/33KV 100MVA T-IV942270
Mehrauli-220/66KV 160MVA T433222167
Papankalan-2 -220/66KV 160MVA T328-1022667

Note:-The real time data shown on this site is only for monitoring purpose and have no commercial impact. Data may become some time bad due to

             communication link failure as data is coming to the SLDC via different communication links .

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